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Meet Our Teachers

2 months ago

We at Silverthorne Elementary are very fortunate to have 3 teachers from Spain who will be working with our staff and students as we begin to implement our dual language program, 

Andrés Martínez Campos, Andrea Antoni Nebot, and Teresa Llopis Molins.

Take time to read about and Get to Know our very special new teachers.  
This month we are featuring Andrés Martinez Campos.

Andrés was born and raised in Madrid, the capital of Spain.  Most recently, he has shared pictures of his home with the kindergarten students he is teaching.  

Andres’ brings much experience and expertise to our school.  He is a primary education teacher with a  foreign language teaching specialization and a  special education degree as well.. He has a Masters Degree  in school counseling and is fluent in Spanish Sign Language. He lived in Norway for a semester as part of a college exchange program and during that time he did an internship in a Norwegian school.  

Arriving just a few months ago, he’s been settling into his new home in Summit County and has already begun exploring the area.  He loves nature and hiking which was one of the main reasons he chose Colorado. Andres is passionate about drawing and sketching and he is quite often seen drawing for his students as he helps them to understand the concepts he is teaching in Spanish.  When he’s not in the classroom, he is keeping a sketch diary of his  time in the United States and he loves reading!!  He’s hoping to read more books that are written in English in the upcoming year.

While Andres talents are many, he admits that he has never learned to ski, barely knows how to ice skate, and has NEVER, EVER, driven in the snow.  It won’t be long, Andres!!