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SVE Modelo del Programa SVE Program Model

about 1 month ago

The following videos show how our program model works in Kindergarten. Los siguientes videos muestran cómo funciona nuestro modelo del programa en Kindergarten. 

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Meet Our Teachers

about 1 month ago

We at Silverthorne Elementary are very fortunate to have 3 teachers from Spain who will be working with our staff and students as we begin to implement our dual language program, 

Andrés Martínez Campos, Andrea Antoni Nebot, and Teresa Llopis Molins.

Take time to read about and Get to Know our very special new teachers. 
This month we are featuring Teresa Llopis Molins.

Teresa was born in Valencia, Spain and has lived in Catalonia, the Netherlands, and Germany before coming to Silverthorne.   

Teresa is the youngest of three children and has two older brothers.

When Teresa was 13, she started playing the violin and she was the only musician in her home.

Teresa attended the conservatory for 6 years. 

She considers the violin a “close friend”.

 “Music is always in my heart.”

 She attended the conservatory for 6 years and The violin has been a  "close friend" to Her for many years.

" music is always in my heart."

Teresa studied has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology and has also studied Music Therapy and Dalcroze pedagogy.  But when Teresa's not busy studying, she finds time for other activities she enjoys such as nature, adventure, and traveling


She would love to visit India again.

On a trip to Germany, she met her husband and...        

the only musician in her home.

 She attended the conservatory for 6 years and says that the violin has been a close friend of hers for many years.

Music is always in her heart!!

And music is always in my heart. 

...they fell in love and decided to live the adventure together.