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Steps to Research

The Big 6 Research Process

The Big 6 © research process helps kids break down a large task into manageable parts that can be more easily accomplished.  This process can be used for any problem solving situation!

  1. Task Definition—Decide what you need to do!


  •   Research an American invention
  •   Find out about a country
  •   Choose the best bicycle

2.  Information Seeking Strategies — What resources can I use to find what I need?


  • encyclopedias
  • books
  • web  sites
  • videos / audios / podcasts
  • magazines 
  • people (experts)

3.       Location and Access — Where can I find these resources?


  • classroom
  • school library 
  • public library
  • Internet
  • home
  • my community

4.       Use of Information— What can I use from these resources?


  • take notes
  • ask questions
  • review

5.       Synthesis—What will my finished research look like?


  • Research paper
  • Oral presentation
  • Video or performance
  • An action
  • Can I use technology? What would be best?

6.       Evaluation—How will I know I did my best work?


  • Did I follow the teacher’s guidelines or rubric?
  • Did I Include all the information that is important? 
  • Am I proud of my product?
  • Did I cite my resources? 
  • Did I learn?


More information can be found at The Big Six web site:       


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